CHP -5gal

$98.00 USD

CHP stands for Crate HorsePower for good reason, it makes 15-20 more horsepower than premium pump gas! While VP’s MS109 has long been the fuel of choice for crate engine racing, CHP will make 1.5% more Hp than MS109, as well as 4-6% more than E85. _ Because of its superior fuel vaporization, which improves fuel distribution and burning speed, CHP offers a wide tuning window. Due to its oxygenation, CHP has to run 4-7% richer than nonoxygenated fuels, which also yields greater on-track protection against detonation. _ In addition, it burns cleaner and keeps water temperature low, saving wear and tear on your engine. _It is not recommended for boost or nitrous applications, or for applications with compression ratios over 12.5:1. Bottom line – CHP offers the best gain vs. cost of any performance part you could put on your car

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 x 11 x 11 in


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